Zichen "Charles" Zhang

zzhang4 at macalester dot edu

Hi! I am Charles! I am a senior student majoring mathematics and computer science at Macalester College advised by Prof. Andrew Beveridge and Susan Fox. I am an incoming Predoctoral Young Investigators (PYI) on the PRIOR team at AI2 mentored by Luca Weihs.

My primary research interest lies in designing, developing, optimizing, and deploying elegant learning algorithms as well as their underlying mathematical principles to build autonomous agents that can perform in dynamic environments, solving real-world puzzles for social good. I am both interested in Generalist and Specialist agents.

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  • 10/2022: Release VIMA, a single agent can solve visual goal, one-shot video imitation, novel concept grounding, visual constraint, etc.
  • 05/2022: Join the research with people from SVL and Nvidia, supervised by Jim Fan (Nvidia) and Yuke Zhu (UT-Austin and Nvidia).
  • 03/2022: One paper was accepted by 18th ECDP, 2022
  • 11/2021: One math paper was accepted by AMS contributed paper session and AMS-PME poster session, JMM 2022
  • 08/2021: Baseline models and Tutorials in the learning framework AllenAct for Gym MuJoCo are released!
  • 08/2021: Start collaboration mentored by Luca Weihs on the PRIOR team within AI2.
  • 03/2021: The automated HER2 Scoring system has applied for the national invention patent (China) and planned to deplopy in People's Liberation Army General Hospital.
  • Research (Highlighted / All)
    (* indicates equal contribution, indicates equal advising)
    Teaching Assistant at Macalester College
  • 09/2022: Comp 484 Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • 01/2022: MATH 378 Complex Analysis
  • 09/2021: STAT/COMP 112 Intro to Data Science
  • 01/2021: COMP 394 Topics Course: Reinforcement Learning
    (design and write code implementations for homework and class materials)
  • 09/2020: COMP 128 Data Structure
  • 01/2020: STAT/COMP 112 Intro to Data Science
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